Nosce te ipsum (Know yourself better)

I spent so much time in my car, commuting, in the 10 years! Yes, I agree, sometimes I push the acceleration pedal a bit more than maximum speed allowed … or overtake a very slow van, exactly when I am not supposed to.

But this is just because I am such an excellent driver, with sharp reflexes, and always a very legitimate reason to do it. (Preferred one: kids will be late to school!)

On the other hand, I sometimes travel as a passenger with my friends, on the same route. And I am really worried how reckless, unnecessary risk-taking drivers they are, sometimes.

Are they? Or it is just my perception on it?

This is actually called Fundamental Attribution Error and it’s one of the 50 cognitive biases we should we aware of.

Because no matter how logical and rational we think we are, actually we are constantly under the influence of cognitive biases that distort our thinking, influence our beliefs, and sway the compass of decisions and judgments we make each and every second.

You can find the rest of them in the attached image, I spent some some reflecting on it and it came as a big surprise how many boxes I’ve checked. Hopefully, I will be able to spot them on, with hard work and exercise:)

Especially us, women, tend to check more boxes than men.

But hey, this should be just another cognitive bias, right ?:)

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